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Sunday 11/30/2014 Show: Joe Daley, Part 2

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Photo: Joe Daley | Giovanni Balossini/Flickr. Creative Commons licensed.

The next show will air on Sunday, November 30, 2014 from 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM Monday Eastern Standard Time on WBAI, 99.5 FM in the NYC metro area or streaming online at wbai.org. This broadcast features the second part of an interview with Low Brass Specialist Joesph (Joe) Daley. Best known for playing the tuba, Daley also plays euphonium and valve trombone; but these days his growing reputation as a visionary composer is bringing him worldwide acclaim. You can hear a short preview below.

Born in New York City’s Harlem, Joe Daley began his musical studies in elementary school and received high honors and recognition throughout his school years (including the renowned High School of Music and Art), and was a member of the most prestigious ensembles in the New York City school system.

A scholarship to the Manhattan School of Music resulted in his Bachelor’s degree in Performance and a Master’s degree in Music Education and led to a career as an educator in the New York and New Jersey school systems from 1976 until his retirement in 2005.

Daley contributed heavily to groups led by other major artists including Sam Rivers, Muhal Richard Abrams, Makanda Ken McIntyre, Taj Mahal, Jason Hwang and Dave Douglas, and was an original member of Howard Johnson’s groundbreaking tuba ensemble, Gravity. He has also been a longtime collaborator with the highly respected composer/ethnomusicologist and master of non-Western instruments, Bill Cole, a relationship that is still intact.

Daley is also currently a member of the highly eclectic ensemble Hazmat Modine, under the direction of musician and visual artist Wade Schuman.

After nearly 40 years of recognition as one of the consummate sidemen on the adventurous music scene – with remarkable artists like Sam Rivers, Carla Bley, Gil Evans, Charlie Haden, Taj Mahal and so many more – Daley stunned musicians and fans alike with his brilliant CD of compositions, The Seven Deadly Sins, released in 2011.

The Seven Heavenly Virtues (CD Baby, 2013) was Daley’s sophomore release.

Daley’s latest release is Portraits: Wind, Thunder and Love (CD Baby, 2014). All Daley’s recordings are available on CD Baby.

This show will go deeper into Daley’s experience teaching and his collaborations with musicians Bill Cole, Charlie Haden, and Sam Rivers. We’ll also discuss his work with the late poet Jayne Cortez (who we profiled in an earlier show) and her backing band The Firespitters and what it was like to work with the play Jelly’s Last Jam. We’ll wrap, appropriately enough, with Daley’s current work with Hazmat Modine.

Show engineered, produced, hosted, and edited by Joyce Jones. Listen for our On the Bandstand segment with NYC metro area appearances of Suga’ guests at the end of the first hour with Associate Producer Hank Williams.

Our first show featuring Joe Daley aired on November 16th.

Web Extras:

Watch the short trailer for Earthtones featuring Daley and music from his The Seven Deadly Sins release.



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