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Sunday 1/22/2017 Show: Melvin Gibbs

Photo: .| Joyce Jones. Some Rights Reserved. Creative Commons CC-NC-BY-ND.
The next show will air on Sunday, January 22, 2017 from 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM Monday Eastern Standard Time on WBAI, 99.5 FM in the NYC metro area or streaming online at wbai.org. This broadcast features bassist, composer and producer Melvin Gibbs.

Bassist Melvin Gibbs has played with some of the greats of ’80s and ’90s jazz and rock. A graduate of Boston’s Berklee College of Music, Gibbs spent part of the ’80s as a member of the Power Tools trio with Bill Frisell (and later, Pete Cosey) and Ronald Shannon Jackson, and performing with Joseph Bowie’s jazz funk band, Defunkt. Later that decade, Gibbs played in legendary jazz/rock guitarist Sonny Sharrock’s band. By the time he joined the Rollins Band in 1993, Gibbs had also played in a trio with Arto Lindsay and Dougie Bowne, and in the group Eye & I. With Rollins, Gibbs toured again through Europe, and the West coast. Gibbs became a producer for Rage records after leaving the Rollins Band. By the close of the ’90s, he was active in the experimental rock band Harriet Tubman, who had a 1998 release on Knitting Factory records, had performed or recorded with Elliot Sharp, Ikue Mori, Chocolate Genius, and the Brazilian singer Marisa Monte.
Partial bio adapted from Allmusic.
This program is hosted, engineered, produced, and edited by Joyce Jones. Listen for our On the Bandstand segment with NYC metro area appearances of Suga’ guests at the end of the first hour with Associate Producer Hank Williams.
Melvin Gibbs will be at The Stone on February 18 with Harriet Tubman.
Web Extras:
Watch Gibbs play with Harriet Tubman in this live 2010 clip.

Watch Gibbs play with guitar great Sonny Sharrock in this live clip from 1988.

Watch Gibbs play “When We Go” with Ronald Shannon Jackson’s Power tools in this live 1988 clip.

Hank Williams is assistant producer for Suga’ in My Bowl and produces the weekly “On the Bandstand” segment as well as running the show’s website and blog, where he has reviewed several jazz festivals. His writing has also appeared in Left Turn magazine and American Music Review. He teaches at Lehman and Hunter colleges in the City University of New York system.



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